Egg freezing- The technique makes it easy to become a mother in old age - Dr.Shweta Mittal Gupta

Nowadays egg freezing is very beneficial for women who want to get pregnant late due to medical condition, career priority, or other reasons. Egg freezing is also a major technique after IVF in the Fertility Medical field. Women who become mothers after the age of 30-35 can have many complexities and may also have infertility problems. Egg freezing is one of the best solutions for women who want to become a mother later on. Women can use it later by freezing the eggs.

What is Egg freezing?

Egg freezing, in medical terms, is called mature oocyte cryopreservation, a method used to preserve fertility in women. It is a medical method to protect women’s fertility. It can be done at any IVF clinic, sperm bank or fertility centre. In this process, eggs are extracted from the ovaries of women by IVF specialists and they are kept safe for future use. Eggs placed in this way can be mixed with sperm and placed in the uterus at the IVF lab at the desired time.

Pregnancy even at age of 40 by Egg Freezing

The trend of late pregnancy has increased in women for making a career. This reduces their egg count and quality. Pregnancy is possible after the age of 35 with egg freezing. Freezing of eggs can be considered as a way to preserve the possibility of fertility for women who are not in a condition to become pregnant or whose fertility is at risk of being terminated for medical reasons such as cancer treatment.

When should I freeze my eggs?

However, no correct age has been set for egg freezing yet, but for better results, you should start it soon. Usually, women can choose the service of freezing eggs at the age of 34/35. Women between the ages of 20 and 30 can get their eggs freeze. It has been observed that the fertility of women decreases after reaching the age of 35. The eggs of females before 30 years and after 20 years of age are much healthier and of higher fertility.

Egg freezing process

Egg freezing is done in three stages – ovarian stimulation, monitoring of follicles and egg extraction. The first two stages are similar to IVF in which the female is injected with hormones for 7-10 days so that ovaries can be stimulated to produce eggs and they can mature faster. At this time, the doctor may do repeated ultrasound and blood tests to monitor the follicles. A day before harvesting, doctors also give medicines to the woman for ovulation. Then after giving anaesthesia to the woman, eggs are extracted from the very low-risk procedure which takes less than half an hour. Finally, the doctors store the extracted eggs to freeze immediately.

Cost of Egg freezing process in India

Egg freezing costs vary from country to country, in India prices ranging from Rs. 50,000 to 1,00,000. After the egg freezes, the annual cost of maintaining them in the frozen state is about Rs 15,000 to Rs 30,000. The process of freezing the egg should also include freezing time, medicines, lab costs, fertilization and storage costs so that you do not incur additional costs later.

Reasons to opt Egg freezing

  • After the age of 35 in women, both the ability and quality of ovulation decreases, the risk of malformations in the fetus increases, so can keep the egg safe beforehand
  • Woman with cancer, who have not started chemotherapy and radiotherapy can safeguard her fertility by freezing her eggs.
  • After the age of 30, they also do this to reduce the risk of miscarriage due to reasons like hypertension, diabetes.

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