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Ovum Donation, Ovum Sharing, and Surrogacy Support

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There are various legal ways in which an infertile couple can have their own baby by approaches such as ovum donation, surrogacy, and sharing from other women. These methods have grown in popularity and use among women. Book your appointment with the best embryo transfer  hospital in Delhi.

Culture of Blastocysts

It is a procedure in which an embryo is produced in a laboratory for 4-6 days after fertilisation before being implanted in the womb. This raises the percentage of fruitfulness while also popularising this culture.

Genetic Pre-implantation Diagnosis (PGD)

It is a technique used prior to implantation during the in vitro fertilisation process. Embryos are screened for genetic defects in order to prevent diseases and disabilities from passing down to the foetus.

Pre-implantation Genetic Screening 

It is a genetic diagnosis and embryo assessment prior to implant. It can help you have a healthy pregnancy if performed prior to fertilisation by choosing chromosomally normal embryos.

Endometrial Receptivity Array 

It is a diagnostic instrument or test that assesses the receptivity and activity of the uterus’s innermost lining, known as the endometrium, and also indicates the best time to pass the embryo. For advanced IVF treatment contact Dr.Shweta Mittal who is the best IVF specialist doctor in Delhi.

Donation of Sperm & Banking Support

Sperm is retained and can later be used to facilitate artificial insemination of a woman whose sexual partners are either infertile or have a medical condition. Some people donate sperm, which is then stored in a Sperm Donation bank for potential use.

Aspiration of Testicular Sperm (TESA)

It is another form of extracting testicular sperm via a surgical biopsy of the testicular region. The main goal of this procedure is to save testicular sperm for later use by inserting a needle into the testis.

Extraction of Testicular Sperm (TESE)

It is the retrieval of sperm from the testicular region under anaesthesia by extracting a small portion of tissue. There are sperm extraction requirements, and if they meet them, a few of their sperm cells are removed and saved for intracytoplasmic sperm injection.

Zona Hatching Assisted by LASER

It is a technique used to increase the likelihood of embryo plantation and pregnancy. Assisted hatching allows the embryo to remain attached to the woman’s womb until it hatches. The embryo is surrounded by Zona pellucida cells, which also hold the embryo’s cells together after fertilisation.

Cryopreservation of Embryos

It refers to the freezing of healthy embryos during their embryogenesis. The embryos are ready to fertilise, and when they are inserted within the uterus, they quickly progress from fertilisation to the blastocyst level.

Transfer of Frozen Embryos (FET)

It is one of the most common pregnancy procedures, with a high success rate. Through this active FET cycle, a stable frozen embryo is transferred into a prepared uterus, allowing the women to become pregnant.

Genetic Counseling

It is a form of therapy that is critical for affected families or couples. Its aim is to assist the associated family, couple, or person in adapting to the mental and physical difficulties that may occur during care.


It is a small surgical diagnostic procedure used to analyse the organs within the abdomen. It is also known as diagnostic laparoscopy. It is a simpler and safer technique since the cut made is small and can be completed quickly. For laparoscopy treatment book your appointment with the best laparoscopic surgeon in Delhi.

Follicle Transvaginal Ultrasound Monitoring (TVS)

It refers to the examination of ovarian follicles using vaginal ultrasonography, which employs an ultrasound transducer in the vaginal region to visualise the organs in the pelvic cavity. It’s a good idea to keep track of how things are going before ovulation happens. For Advanced  IVF treatment call and book your appointment with Dr. Shweta Mittal who is the best iui doctor in Delhi.

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