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Pregnancy is precious for the mother. Bringing a child in this world is a big task. After taking care of the baby in her womb for the entire nine months, when the time of delivery comes, many kinds of doubts start to arise in the mother’s mind.

Although there is a common method for childbirth, with advances in medical science, a variety of methods of childbirth have evolved so that any complications or risks encountered at that time can be successfully countered. In such a situation, you should seek information from your doctor about the different types of childbirth so that your mind is calm and you can definitely be ready to give birth.

Types of Baby Delivery       

Normal Delivery: It is the delivery in which the baby is born through the mother’s vagina. This is a very safe method. Normally, women give birth at 38-41 weeks of childbirth. It is difficult to tell in advance when the delivery will happen. According to experts, about 80% of the women have the possibility of normal delivery but if there is any problem then other methods are adopted.

Cesarean section: The baby is taken out by ripping the woman’s abdomen in this method. For this, the mother is first sedated with the use of anaesthesia, and then the bottom of the abdomen is numb and made an incision. It is a somewhat difficult process during which a woman has to go through a lot of discomfort and pain, although it does not cause pain at first, a woman has to take a lot of precautions for several days after delivery.

Vacuum extraction: This is a procedure that is used during normal delivery. Sometimes during normal delivery, a situation arises when the baby stops coming out of the womb or the baby is unable to move. In such a situation, doctors use a machine called a vacuum. It consists of a soft cup that attaches to the handle and vacuum pump. This cup is gently applied to the baby’s head and taken out. This vacuum is created so that the baby can be comfortably taken out of the vagina from the womb.

Forceps Delivery: Forceps delivery is a form of operative vaginal delivery. It is sometimes required during vaginal delivery. In the forceps delivery, the doctor assists the baby with a forceps to come out of the birth vulva. In this, the doctor uses the forceps to get the baby out. It is inserted into the vagina of a mother and the baby’s head is held by the forceps and slowly pulled out.

Water Birth: The process of giving birth to a baby in water is by using a water tank or birthing pool. During this, the mother tries to deliver by sitting in water. Being in this process provides relief from the pain of labour and being in the water is more pleasing. If your pregnancy is healthy and your doctor believes it is safe for you and your baby, opting water birth may be a good option for you.

Different types of delivery techniques have their own advantages and disadvantages. In most of the issues, it is not under its own control as to which mode of delivery will be adopted and the mode of delivery may change as per the circumstances and with the advice of a doctor. Therefore, knowing about all the methods will help you remain doubtless at the time of delivery.

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