Are you worried about the excessive and high dose of medications which you might have to consume while undergoing an IVF treatment???

best IVF treatment centre in Delhi

We have a good news for you.

Researchers have come up with many latest developments in the field of IVF and natural IVF is one of them. As the name suggests, it is natural and safeguards you from the all the side effects of excessively drugging your body.

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What is natural IVF?

best IVF specialist doctor in Delhi

The face of IVF has seen a lot of change in the last few years. Many are genuinely concerned about the side effects of ovulation medication, fertility drugs and injections on a to-bemother’s body. Natural cycle IVF is one step ahead than the traditional IVF procedure. A woman ovulates without the help of any medication. During this phase, the egg is collected or retrieved with the help of thin tubes called catheters. This egg is then used you for fertilization in a petri-dish. Rest of the procedure is similar to that of a traditional IVF.

Who is the best candidate for natural IVF?

It shows the highest success rate if carried out on older women, of about 35 years of age. Women who have tried high doses of ovary stimulating drugs to produce egg and are still unable to conceive or produce more number of eggs, should consider treatment options like natural cycle IVF. Women having systemic disorders and unable to produce more number of eggs can benefit from this treatment.

best IVF treatment centre in Delhi

A single egg can be collected from every cycle for a few months. It can be then fertilized and the embryos can be frozen for future pregnancies, in the long term or when they are genetically tested to be safe for conception.

Who should not consider natural IVF?

Younger patients capable of producing good quality of eggs and a large number of eggs are not advised to undergo this treatment.

Why to choose natural IVF?

The quality of the eggs produced by a natural menstrual cycle is much superior to those produced by drug induction. This ensures a higher pregnancy rate as well as higher implantation rates. It can also be repeated as many times as possible by the patient without any side effects.

Drawback of natural IVF-

As the number of eggs retrieved are less,only a few embryos are formed.

This treatment cannot be successful in all cases as it requires a meticulous selection of cases as well as a very experienced doctor.

Is this procedure costlier than traditional IVF?

best IVF specialist doctor in Delhi

This procedure is cheaper than traditional IVF as all the naturally occurring eggs are collected without medications, hormones or injection.

Dr. Shweta Mittal is the best infertility specialist in Delhi, highly trained and skilled to treat patients requiring natural cycle IVF.

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