Why male infertility shouldn't be ignored - Dr.Shweta Mittal Gupta

Couples who are having trouble conceiving a child should obtain a diagnosis in order to pursue successful treatment. To that end, all prospective parents must be screened to determine what is preventing pregnancy. After all, you’re all in this together, and infertility is always caused by a combination of factors. Book your appointment for male infertility treatment in Delhi.

male infertility treatment in Delhi

Male factor infertility is described as the inability to induce pregnancy in a fertile female. However, infertility is a complicated situation that necessitates a methodical approach. Pregnancy is not unlikely if a man has a low sperm count and the woman’s eggs are diminished, but it will necessitate treatment for both. Ignoring the man’s infertility would make pregnancy even more challenging.




Many men have no signs of infertility. There may be a number of factors affecting sperm count, sperm condition, and how sperm gets to where it needs to go. Hormonal and chromosomal issues may be interfering with your ability to conceive, and even seemingly innocuous factors such as your diet may have an effect on fertility. Some of the more common causes of infertility are as follows:

Testicular failure occurs when the testicles are unable to produce enough sperm or the hormone testosterone. Surgery for testicular failure is not very successful. It is sometimes suggested that the couple use donor sperm. Hormone therapy can be helpful in some cases. Contact for IVF treatment and best sperm donation centre in Delhi.

Thyroid disease, especially hypothyroidism, has a significant effect on the quality and quantity of sperm and sperm. Furthermore, an underperforming thyroid may cause libido loss and erectile dysfunction.


Hormonal imbalances have an effect on a man’s ability to produce sperm. Once the cause of the hormone deficiency has been identified, hormone supplements are often all that is required to restore fertility.


Varicoceles may or may not cause symptoms. A varicocele is a vein abnormality in the scrotum that is similar to varicose veins in the legs. The flow of blood to the testicles is obstructed, which interferes with sperm production and can cause the testicles to shrink. Varicoceles are usually surgically treatable.


For most men, going to the doctor is the most daunting part of obtaining a diagnosis. It is better to obtain a diagnosis from a fertility specialist because they are focused on your fertility and are up to date on the most current treatment protocols.

A general physical examination will be performed, as well as a medical history and sperm analysis to determine the number, motility (movement), and shape of the sperm. A sperm analysis will also look for diseases and other problems. Since sperm counts may vary from sample to sample, a few specimens collected over a specific time period are needed for accuracy. Book your appointment with Dr Shweta Mittal clinic which is the best infertility clinic in Delhi.


IVF is the most common way for male infertility couples to become pregnant. Even if a man has a very low sperm count, IVF almost always results in a healthy pregnancy. If you assume that male infertility is a factor in your inability to conceive, get a diagnosis and explore your options as soon as possible.

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